Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Exams, Panic and Software Shinies.

I am panicking a little about the concept of an exam at the end of A200. I've bought an old paper to look at what will be expected and that just terrified me even more.

I really need to put a plan of action together to ensure I'm taking proper notes all the way through and not just binge-studying towards the end.


Cornell notes for each module, using OneNote as I have a Cornell template for that and Evernote won't let me put one in properly.

I'm going to type up my notes and let them sync to dropbox. I might even end up printing out hard copies for revision if needed, although I work better paperless.

StudyBlue for Flash Cards -

I love this website, create and share flashcards, create classes so you can share with a specific group, and test yourself across any of your devices. It's awesome.

In other shiny news, I have a Nook. A simple glo light one which I'm using for both W100 reading and reading for pleasure (I do still find time for this, somehow) and I've already downloaded my A200 pdfs ready to go too.

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