Monday, 29 October 2012

First deadline, Meep.

The first TMA is due in today. I was lucky enough to get my submission in a week ago as I'd had some good study time put aside and could crack on with it. I've amended it a couple of times since, as I'd forgotten to put my PI number on the front page, and then again to alphabetise my references at the end. Still not sure it's completely right, but it's not supposed to be is it? It's all a learning process and I should be able to look back and laugh at how hard I found such a relatively easy assignment.

So now it's in, and done and I just have to wait for the feedback. I've heard from a few people that it takes a little while to get used to the critical way that tutors give feedback so I'm bracing myself for an email full of red pen and a big fat F all over it.


Monday, 15 October 2012

Note Taking

During my first Elluminate tutorial, my tutor mentioned the Cornell note taking system. I had a google about and it seems like something that will really help me focus my notes. My handwriting is atrocious due to lack of use and a lazy scrawl so anything that helps me condense them into something readable and usable is good.

So it begins

Well, in the end I didn't start early. I think I made the right choice too, the online tutorials that we're having are definitely helping sort out my mind a bit and help me see what kind of work the tutors are expecting. Some other people I've seen in online communities started early and are now having to redo the work, I am very glad I didn't put myself in that position.

We're now in study week 2. The module site opened on the 6th October and I'm finding it very easy to use and it has made me feel very relieved. It has a great weekly breakdown of work with access to online activities that fit in with the Learning Companions. Access to transcripts for all the audio-visual material is great, however it's very awkward to try to download mp3's from the site and seemingly impossible to download the videos.

The Elluminate sessions are a little chaotic at the moment whilst we all get to grips with the software, and specifically the audio aspect, but it's still very very useful to share some ideas and see what the tutors have to say.

I am keeping a separate word document as a reflective diary, the template was provided on the module website, which seems to be a useful way for me to keep specific assignment related reflections. I have a fab new planner too - which is helping organise my brain and my time.  I'm going to keep this blog going though as I find it useful to have a space to put my thoughts down that don't fit into an academic diary.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Study Space

My fantastic husband built me a whiteboard that fits on top of the filing cabinet next to me. I've turned the filing cabinet round so I can utilise the magnetic side of it to stick my module map and notes on to as well.

It makes me feel more organised just having it there next to me :) I'm planning on using it for important dates, a to-do list and a space for mindmapping.