Friday, 29 November 2013

W100 Results!

*drum roll*

Another Distinction!

That's my two level 1s complete and 120 credits towards my degree. A third of the way there :D Hooray!

looks good huh?

I really enjoyed W100 and recommend it as a course, it helped having a fab tutor too.

A200 is a LOT of reading. A very lot. I'm just about treading water with it all at the moment, my first TMA results came back last week and I managed 78/100. Not bad for my first level 2 TMA I think, and lots of good feedback for improving.

I've got lots of time next week to get ready for TMA02, which is due in on the 12th and I'm not going to take a break over Xmas so I can get ahead a little before DD203 starts next year.


Busy days, but happy days :)