Monday, 17 September 2012

Happy Monday

Less than two weeks before the DD101 module website opens. I'm still see-sawing between not wanting to do any 'proper' work and cracking on a bit to get some work 'in the bank'. I think I'm going to make a compromise and do as much of the background reading as I can, listen to the audio CD's, watch the DVD's and keep up with the organisation and prep work.

I have 2 x 2 hour chunks of time set aside for study today with a quick school run in the middle to collect my 3yr old.

 To Do List.

  • Organise my OU Google Calendar with a study plan of my available study time. I'm going to input the data from the module map once the DD1010 website is live. 
  • After last week's dire attempt at note taking, today I'm going to work on that a bit. I have the Good Study Guide and I'm going to read through and do the exercises on note taking. I don't think there's much that can be done with my handwriting other than practise, I'll just have to re-write any scribbled notes into something legible for now
  • Continue with Learning Companion 1

Will come back to this later.

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